About Me

My name is Zach Easterbrook and I’m a professional software engineer. I mainly work in the back-end web space but my interests span a range of computer related topics. The largest of these is an interest in distributed computing and Erlang / Elixir, as well as an interest in low-level systems and emulators.

The name for this website comes from the series Serial Experiments Lain. I love the way this series explores computers and our relationship with them, and it has been a big influence in my life. Due to this, in the online world I decided to adopt the main characters name - “Lain” or “LainIwakura” or some variation thereof. This series is popular though, and others have used this name too. If you think you’ve found me on another website please verify before assuming.

Although I’m not actively looking for employment, I’m always open to good offers. I recommend checking out my resume in the above menu.

You can contact me via e-mail at FishLikeHexagon@gmail.com